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Recently the rewilding duo of Emily Porter (the plant tracker formerly known as Penny Scout) and Urban Scout, author of Rewild or Die, were spotted  making amends over a bottle of Jim Beam and chatting late into the night at the Echoes in Time primitive skills gathering near Salem, OR. On Tuesday they were spied again by passing motorists gathering salal berries near the bus stop on the Lewis and Clark campus. Are they back to the ol’ peck and grind? While rumors fly like atlatl darts, the pair insists they are just trying to be friends.  From what it appears they are, at the very least, keeping their options open. Both are still listed as single on Facebook, and Urban Scout recently admitted to having a crush on blogger Leslie Richard of The Oko Box, while different men have been spotted coming out of Emily’s tipi at Wintercount, Buckeye, and Echoes…sometimes more than one per gathering! When asked to comment at a recent END:CIV fundraiser Porter denied any boyfriends but laughed and quipped, “If I had my way, it’d be more than one leaving at a time!” Will the peace treaty last between these two warring parties? We wouldn’t bet our buckskins on it.

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This is the first year of the Buckeye Gathering in northern California and it promises to be awesome. Registration is $280 until April 15th and $320 thereafter. I will be teaching some fun plant classes.  For more information go to www.buckeyegathering.net. See you there!

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A friend tipped me off to this rather esoteric new story regarding an alleged gathering of owls near the Cahokia Mounds in the Midwest, which clearly signals the beginning of the end. Although Cahokia employees deny the incident and the entire story reads like the maniacal ramblings of a conspiracy theorist, and never specifies exactly who, other than the author, prophecies that owl parliaments herald destruction, there is at least one picture taken in that general area of the country of an astounding number of owls. There was a better picture on the photographer’s blog, but it seems the entire piece on short-eared owls has been removed from his site, mostly likely because of the crazy fodder it was providing. I found this piece particularly interesting in that I have had two very “numinous” (magical) dreams of owls in the past month and have been seeing owls on clothing and artwork everywhere I turn. Apparently owls (and delightful owl puns) are in this year, so my seeing them everywhere doesn’t mean anything special…or does it? Raise eyebrow, cue Twilight Zone theme:

Original Story:
Parliament of Owls Gives ‘Final Warning’ To America

Photograph of Gathering:
Short Ears Aplenty Out There

Fashion Stories:
What A Hoot!

The Owl Trend: Hoo Knew

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Nettles in Portland are currently yea big. Actually this picture was taken on Monday in the Columbia River Gorge which runs a little cool so townie nettles may be larger. Don’t miss out this season! Get ’em while they’re young!

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Signs of Spring

Blooming Camellia

Blooming Camellia

The seasons are mushy here in Portland. If you look closely it becomes obvious that spring has already begun. Bulbs are pushing up, bittercress is multiplying, forsythia is blooming, and buds are swelling, Every year I start collecting photos as evidence and never get around to posting them. This year by gosh I’m just going to show you what I have before it is too late.

pussy willow, heather, hazelnut catkin, and crabapple flower

Pussy Willow, Heather, Hazelnut Catkin, Crabapple Flower

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EndCiv Fundraiser Poster

Last night I attended an anti-civilization fundraiser here in Portland at the Muddy Waters Collective Cafe on 29th & Belmont. The place was packed ( first warm room I’ve been in in all winter here in Portland where heating your home above 60 degrees appears to be politically incorrect). The live-radio event, hosted by bearded gentlemen Rabble Rouser and G20 Sided Die, featured an in-person appearance by John Zerzan, and long-distance interviews with Ward Churchill and Derrick Jensen among other notable figures in the anti-civ movement.

It is well known that members of activist groups often end up squabbling with each other, undermining their ability to fight the real enemy, and one cause of that is taking ones-self too seriously. However, at this occasion depressing discussion was evened out by humor, as well as music, drinking, and dancing, as it should be. How else but with a healthy dose of self-deprecating laughter can one view a radio/internet event designed to undermine those very technologies? It’s a little fuzzy but you can hear the broadcast, as well as past broadcasts by the Bottom Up Radio Network  (B.U.R.N.) on Blog Talk Radio.

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