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Time to gear up for mushroom season. I found these babies outside of my apartment in Portland. I believe this to be a Prince mushroom, Agaricus augustus, based on the scaly, yellow-staining cap, combined with the strong almond-like odor of the flesh, and shaggy stalk among other features. David Aurora writes in All that the Rain Promises and More…, “One of the very best! The sweet fragrance and flavor are a real treat.” Looks like I’ve got a plan for dinner tonight.


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Nettles in Portland are currently yea big. Actually this picture was taken on Monday in the Columbia River Gorge which runs a little cool so townie nettles may be larger. Don’t miss out this season! Get ’em while they’re young!

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Henry with out harvest

Henry with our harvest: nothin' but seafoam.

This weekend I took a trip with some folks to visit our friend Henry’s beautiful home on the coast, just blocks from the beach in Manzanita, OR. Henry is in the process of renovating the main house, and half a dozen or so outbuildings to get the place ready for the permaculture program he will be running there this summer. On Friday afternoon we looked for mushrooms in the sandy coastal forest, but didn’t sight a single one due to the recent cold snap. That night we all learned that  burritos for lunch + fried seafood for dinner +  wine and chocolate cake for dessert + a sauna is not a good combination.

We went out at  low tide on Saturday morning to look for clams,  mussels, and seaweed but a nasty storm surge kept us at bay. We stood on the rocks in the incoming spray until we got too scared, and went home with nothing but this bucket of sea foam. Later on Henry and I went fishing in a nearby stream with salmon, trout, and steel head. He got a hooked a big one, or so the story goes, but it broke the line, yet another lesson in feral failure! Nevertheless, we did get one little fish to eat and a great time was had by all.

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